Hi Shai:

No idea if there's a market, but one of the great things about digital-only distribution (ie no 
manufactured CD's, download only) is that you don't need to sell many units to recoup costs. If it 
were me, I'd contact a place like HDTracks (part of the Chesky mini-empire) and see what it takes to 
sell thru them. Or if you want to go the MP3 route, of course contact AMazon and Apple.

I have no idea how rights clearance would work, I assume you'd need it from the family. And if any 
music is in copyright you'd have to get that clearance and pay fees. With stuff like these tapes, 
you almost need to do the equiv of title insurance on an old home -- make sure it's legit all the 
way back so someone doesn't pop up out of a mole hole with an old piece of paper and sue you.

One man's opinions, one man who has never taken on indy release of old tapes ...

-- Tom Fine

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> The story is even weirder than she writes it, but it's too long to print. Carmi went nuts over 
> this piano and neglected his family because of it. When both he and his wife passed away the 
> family gave me the archive "threatening it's either me or the bin. They just didn't want to have 
> anything to do with it anymore. When I arrived to collect the archive it was their small apartment 
> and one room was just shelves and shelves or reels.
> From the posts I see here I am wondering if maybe I should reissue some of these recordings. There 
> is a lot of rubbish but of the 1000+ reels there are some gems. Do you think there will be a 
> market for it? I don't need to sell much to recover the costs.
> Shai
> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Is this information about the piano somewhat accurate?
>> Surprisingly, no entry at Whacky Packia.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> The story is told on one of the reels by the person who found the piano and dedicated his life 
>>> to it, Avner Carmi. I have copies of the counterpoint recordings and some of the master copies. 
>>> but also many masters Carmi made himself at studio in NYC. I assume they were top notch studios 
>>> since they used "Dolby a301 stretched", which I am guessing was not in every studio around.
>>> Michael Biel wrote:
>>>> In the late 50s or early 60s there was a TV show about the piano dramatizing the early history 
>>>> of it, the covering of it with plaster or cement to protect it during WW II, it being 
>>>> discovered by some soldiers at liberation, it being used -- still covered -- at a soldiers' 
>>>> club, and it being re-discovered when a piece of the plaster was knocked off revealing the 
>>>> ornate carving.  They concluded with a short concert being played live on the piano.  The 
>>>> program was probably on the Armstrong Circle Theatre, DuPont Show of the Month, or a similar 
>>>> docudrama anthology series.  I then started picking up the records of it as they started 
>>>> hitting the Sam Goody 99 cent bins.
>>>> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask] Steven Smolian wrote:
>>>>> The Counterpoint label recordings are owned by the Everest interests.
>>>>> Steven Smolian
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>>>>>> Does anyone have any information about the Siena Pianoforte? A few years ago I received the 
>>>>>> complete archive of the recordings made on it including all masters and rights. I am now 
>>>>>> starting a process of sifting through the boxes. according to the lists that  came with the 
>>>>>> tapes some of the greatest pianists of the day recorded on this piano (Glen Gould for 
>>>>>> example). I have one book but it's in German so it's of no use to me. Does anyone know where 
>>>>>> I can find a grant to help pay for the digitization of this archive? Feel free to ping me off 
>>>>>> list.
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>>> Shai