This imprint is interesting:
and smart. Do limited pressings, sell directly (ie pocket all the profits). Probably distributed out 
of whatever system they have left for the few small retailers that are left, or handled by a third 
party like the bones of an old record club or something.


-- Tom Fine

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Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 7:58 AM

> Just received an e-mail announcing the launch of
> the VERVE SELECT label - limited edition CD sets
> (via HIP-O SELECT).
> First release includes
> ELLA FITZGERALD  (4CD unissued nightclub recordings)
> BILLIE HOLIDAY   (2CD Commodore & Decca masters)
> OSCAR PETERSON   (3CD "rare live, all Mercury singles, tracks from various albums, plus two 
> unreleased cuts.")
> It will be interesting to see how successful this is.....
> Best wishes, Thomas.