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There  seem to be TWO releases of the 14 POLK MILLER recordings -
a deluxe book/cd  package from Ken Flaherty Jr ($28)
a Tompkins Square cd (also produced by  Flaherty)  about $12

Anyone know either or both of these releases  have comments or 

Thanks,  Thomas.

Personally I like the ORIGINAL which Ken produced himself and distributed.  
(Actually he provided one free to everyone who attended the ARSC Conference 
in  Palo Alto!  It includes TWO versions of each track - one filtered; the  
other unfiltered and the packaging is GORGEOUS. Some folks complained that 
it  was hard to store as the booklet is bigger than a normal CD.
Tompkins Square issued the version in stores and it comes in a jewel box  
with slightly shorter liner notes. And ONLY the filtered versions. It got a  
wider distribution.
I'm not sure if Ken still has copies of the first pressing. email him at 
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_www.polkmiller.com_ ( 
Steve Ramm