Sorry.  I got this one wrong.  None of their material had crosse dmy path as 
yet and I assumed, incorrectly according to many whose opinions I respect, 
that it was an attempt to get backing for the preservation of indifferent 

I encounter so much bad music as a used record dealer- bad in the sense that 
its out of tune, out of time and, too often, out of mind.  Just because 
someone has a multi-track and can edit and erase doen't make what comes out 
anything others want to hear, much less preserve.  A certain amount of it 
goes throough here at the save-my-tape end.  Not knowing the company name, I 
presumed it was the usual stuff.

Steve Smolian

I keep enc
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Thanks, Michael for the post.

Numero Group's work has brought a lot of previously unheard and ignored 
sounds to new audiences.  The label is adventurous, eclectic, and asks the 
same from its listeners.  Like all reissue releases, a reissue asks us to 
reconsider the music in question, on a number of levels.  In Numero Group's 
case, they do quite a good job of contextualizing the music and presenting 
it in the most interesting of ways.

With the rise of various reissue labels in recent years, there has been an 
expansion in different genres represented.  This is a decidedly good thing 
in my opinion, also because it challenges traditional notions of what 
exactly is worthy of reissue.

Kyle Barnett

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Michael-  I'm a big fan of Numero.  Welcome to ARSC!

Brenda Nelson-Strauss

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Hello ARSC Members and Listservers,

I wanted to introduce myself to all of you since I am a new member and
look forward to hopefully collaborating and getting your input on a
myriad of projects in the future.

Over the past three years I have worked as the head archivist for the
award-winning record label, The Numero Group.  Preserving music and
people's stories is our modus operandi but, we are currently looking
into getting grants to fund some of these ambitious and complex
restoration and preservation projects we've got on our palette.

Please check out our website if you are unfamiliar with our label and
you can find out more about my work here.

Any help on putting us in the right direction as far as preservation
grants go is greatly appreciated and please feel free to contact me

Michael Slaboch


Michael Slaboch
Archivist / Producer


The Numero Group
2348 S. Marshall Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60623