Hi Steve,

Make sure that:
Your record drive is separate from your boot drive. Your record drive should
also be internal: IDE or SATA and preferably connected directly to the
motherboard. I prefer SATA drives for higher bit rate recording because they
are faster. Conversely, Iíve not had any problems using an ATA-100 drive
connected to a PCIE card using either Pro Tools or Sound Forge. 

When is the last time you de-fragmented your record drive? 

You might also want to try the Sony/Sound Forge user forum:

I go back to version 4.5 with Sound Forge, currently use version 9. If Iím
working on Mono or Stereo files and have use for the built in tools I'll use
Sound Forge. However, Sound Forge is way to limited for multi-track work or
sync to picture.
I see no need at present to upgrade to 10.
Given a choice: Pro Tools. Itís a real DAW and the industry standard here in the
US. Unfortunately, everything (including decent meters!) is a costly option.

If you prefer to work exclusively on a PC, you might want to consider Pyramix.
It's a great DAW and is as popular in Europe as Pro Tools is in the US.


Corey Bailey

Quoting Peter Alyea <[log in to unmask]>:

> If you look at the path under "temporary files and record folder" on the
> "general" tab inside of preferences, is the path pointing to the drive that
> is 8% full?
> Peter
> >>> Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]> 11/30/09 5:49 PM >>>
> I'm using SF 10.
> It is now not saving a soundfile in 96/24 that is only 26:40 long.  This is
> half of a longer file, copied to a new file.  It quit at 96% but says it's
> still trying.  It's been saving 30-40 minute files with no problem.  The
> drive to which it is saving is about 8% full.
> What's going on?
> Steve Smolian