I haven't done thi smyself either, but a client uses CDBaby andoves  
it - sales all aroud the planet and they supply CD copies and  
downloads, do all the marketing, and put it up on iTunes and other  
services. I think they charage $30 to get you started, then they pay  
you back.

Sample page (my recording work): <>

And, in the samples we heard online, is the Siena that bright and  
almost harpsichord-like naturally, or is it just the old recording  

(I mean the links found in that blog Tom posted yesterday:
johnd0122033 said...
I have sent another blogger these filesof the extant recordings of  
the Sirna Pianoforte.
His E-mail address is: [log in to unmask]
Here are the recordings, for free download:
•CD1 Rosen:

•CD2 Kitain:

•CD3 Spanish: http://www.filefactory. com/file/bea375

•CD4: /file/11f232/





On Nov 30, 2009, at 3:57 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

Hi Shai:

No idea if there's a market, but one of the great things about  
digital-only distribution (ie no manufactured CD's, download only) is  
that you don't need to sell many units to recoup costs. If it were  
me, I'd contact a place like HDTracks (part of the Chesky mini- 
empire) and see what it takes to sell thru them. Or if you want to go  
the MP3 route, of course contact AMazon and Apple.

I have no idea how rights clearance would work, I assume you'd need  
it from the family. And if any music is in copyright you'd have to  
get that clearance and pay fees. With stuff like these tapes, you  
almost need to do the equiv of title insurance on an old home -- make  
sure it's legit all the way back so someone doesn't pop up out of a  
mole hole with an old piece of paper and sue you.

One man's opinions, one man who has never taken on indy release of  
old tapes ...

-- Tom Fine