Boric acid is somewhat moderately effective for both roaches and silverfish, (i.e. it doesn't really work that well.) The advantage of Silica gel for silverfish is that it is a much safer to use product, It really does control silverfish, and the humidity control is an additional advantage. It also works as a long lasting preventative. The stuff is heavier than a powder, it is like sand, and the harshness helps to prevent the presence of the silverfish. 

Dr. Cheryl Thurber 

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I believe you can also use boric acid, which is cheap and can be found
in powder form at most pharmacies. I think it will also control roaches.


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> I am giving my standard sliverfish reply.-Silica Gel.
> I learned this from an agricultural extension agent back in the 1970s and i=
> t is a practice used by archives as well.
> =A0
> Silica gel is a granular product, you find it a craft stores for drying flo=
> wers etc. It is about $5 a box,=A0or plastic tub. =A0I use this for both bo=
> oks and records. If there is a problem sprinkle the silica gel in the box w=
> ith the books or records, depending on the box size it takes about a teaspo=
> on or tablespoon. Keep the box closed up and separate from other items. Whe=
> n ever I set up a new shelf I spinkle it across the back and in corners. I =
> also put this in boxes when moving and putting things in storage. This cont=
> rols silverfish, and also is a humidity control (its main archival use) =A0=
> This does not work on roaches, and I have not found a way to keep them from=
>  coming in with boxes (any suggestions?). Silica gel is what=A0 is in the l=
> ittle white packets found in electronic equipment boxes.=20
> I have zillions of both books and records, that have come from a wide range=
>  of sources, and silverfish are not a problem for me because of this practi=
> ce.=20
> Dr. Cheryl Thurber=20
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