This is yet another example for my long-standing condemnation of Brian
Rust's insistence of not including Victor prefixes in his discographies
(except CED 1st where I think he was overruled by Alan Debus. Too many
discographers slavishly follow Rust's example.)  Not only is that "T" an
important explanation, how else would we know that these are 10-inch
masters?? (That's what the "B" means.) And don't forget that the "S"
indicates use of the improved Western Electric equipment (shortened from

The note from Ted and Bill that these were recorded in Koussevitzky's
office adds further confusion but a possible explanation for the
differing dates.  The Victor masters might be dubs, and the 1936 date
could be that of the dubbing session.  Would they have had Western
Electric equipment in Koussevitzky's office?  They could have run a mic
line up there down to where they had their equipment for recording the
symphony, which might give dates for this recording, but the session
sheets would indicate if this was an original recording session, a
dubbing session, and what the recording was made on: wax, flow coat,
optical film, lacquer, etc.  There is so much info on those session
sheets that never make it into discographies that can give answers that
are so often ignored until later.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]   

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Yes, Ted's and Bill's information shows the two as both on BS-T-2503.
Just those four titles, on three sides, are listed. Tim Brooks' LOST
SOUNDS notes the 1935 date as well, so be careful using my
speculation. (I believe, however, that Tim's source for the year is

EDVR has ready access to Victor's 1935 ledgers. I couldn't find the
Hayes session among the dates when we know Victor was in Boston. We
don't have easy access to 1936 and on yet. When we do I can check
further, but that will probably be too late for you.

Best, Sam

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]>
> Hi Sam,  Thank you for the information.
>  My source is a typed update to Arthur Knights discography (RECORD COLLECTOR),
> compiled by Kitty Fassett (1988) held in the YALE UNIVERSITY Library.
>  Is there a matrix assigned to O LE' ME SHINE, or is it on the same plate as
> HEAR DE LAMBS ?  Are there any other titles in the session?
>  I will use the Spring 1936 date in the discography I am compiling, unless someone
> has better information.
>  If I can get some of the other questions answered, I will post the updated
> list to ARSC and 78 lists.
>  Best wishes, Thomas.
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From: Sam Brylawski
> Thomas,
> The dates for these do not show up in the documentation on hand for
> the Victor discography being undertaken by University of Calif., Santa
> Barbara. We do have a bit of information. The prefixes are "BS-T,"
> indicating that they were tests, or trials. Also, Ted Fagan's and Bill
> Moran's notes indicate that they were recorded in Koussevitzky's
> office. We have no documentation to confirm that, however. I'm
> curious, how do you know that they were recorded in 1935? The numbers
> fit more comfortably into the spring, 1936 range.
> Sam
Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Can someone provide complete session details for these
>> Roland Hayes recordings?   Thanks, Thomas.
>> are these in a RCA matrix series? custom recordings?
>> are there prefixes?  .....etc.
>> 1935 BOSTON Symphony Hall
>> Roland Hayes; Piano, Warner Lawsen.
>> 2501   Auch Kleine Dinge (Wolf)                  RCA Victor unpublished
>> 2502   Trocknet Nicht (Beethoven)                RCA Victor unpublished
>> 2503   Hear de Lambs a'Cryin (Afro-American)     RCA Victor unpublished
>> ?      O Le' Me Shine (Afro-American)            RCA Victor unpublished