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[edit] Limitations
The WAV format is limited to files that are less than 4 GiB in size,
because of its use of a 32-bit unsigned integer to record the file size
header (some programs limit the file size to 2-4 GiB).[3] Although this
is equivalent to about 6.8 hours of CD-quality audio (44.1 kHz, 16-bit
stereo), it is sometimes necessary to exceed this limit, especially when
greater sampling rates or bit resolutions are required. The W64 format
was therefore created for use in Sound Forge. Its 64-bit header allows
for much longer recording times. The RF64 format specified by the
European Broadcasting Union has also been created to solve this problem.

If you record your wav files as non interleaved i.e. left and right, you
can double your recording time


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Hi Graeme:

I think there was also some limit in older versions of SoundForge, but I
do not know this for a fact.

With SoundForge 7, I ran into the same 2 gig limit running Win2K with
NTFS discs. I specifically ran up against this transferring 3.75 IPS
1-mil 2-channel tapes (90 minutes per direction). Files had to be cut to
58 minutes or less of 96/24 2-channel. I have that old workstation
running other duties and I just verified that it's got NTFS on all the
hard drives I was using (I'd save to internal D drive first, then back
up to external USB drive).

So later versions of SoundForge may now be limited only by disc size in
a NTFS system. I'm about to start a project with some long-duration
tapes so I will test this out.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Association
> On 19/11/2009 Tom Fine wrote;
> TF> ... 2gig seems to be the limit, not time of audio.
> Yes, that's right. The limit is in the OS and file allocation system
> used.
> FAT 16 = 2Gb, FAT32 = 4 GB.  If you move to NTFS, then the maximum
> file size is only limited by the volume size (which is 2Tb).
> Graeme Jaye
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