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>> CD Players
>> En route to Obsoletism?
>> Linn
>> Products, a high-end manufacturer of home audio systems,
>> will give up manufacturing CD players as of January and
>> instead focus on digital streaming equipment. The British
>> company, which makes systems costing between £2,500 and
>> £100,000, believes that digital streaming offers superior
>> sound quality. 
>> "Our customers have fast recognised the
>> limitations of CD players and in the age of home
>> networking,” Managing Director Gilad Tiefenbrun tells BBC
>> News, “people now want better control of their music and
>> the ability to enjoy it in any room of their home. CD
>> players no longer belong in the specialist domain."
>> Ironically, the company will continue to make
>> turntables. 

Linn made their name as turntable manufacturers. When CDs first came
out, they were deeply hostile to them, saying that you couldn't even
recognise the tunes.

It is not surprising they would be early to stop making over-priced CD
players. Nowadays, any half-decent deck (including DVD players), with an
external D to A converter such as Cambridge Audio's DacMagic, will equal
Linn's high priced players. 

Does anyone have sales figures for music-based DVDs - operas, rock
concerts, etc? I think these are soaking up the budget that used to go
on CDs.

Don Cox
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