Ah, right.  Yes, that’s what I would have expected.  I keep hoping one day FF will fix that…


As to the character entities, maybe you’ve already looked into this, but how do you have them encoded – with their names, or with the hex code or the Unicode number?   Entity names such as Ý Ó Γ are fine to use in HTML but won’t validate in EAD and will choke the browser when it tries to render the EAD.    However, the hex codes (e.g. Ý Ó Γ) and the numeric codes (Ý Ó Γ) validate fine, and they also display properly in both FF and IE when the EAD is rendered into HTML.


Hope this helps!




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Hello Michelle: 

Sadly, only the master document displays in Firefox - and without XSL stylesheets applied. Same with the subdocuments. 

In Opera I get the master to open with stylesheet applied, but no subdocuments. Individually, the subdocuments also open in Opera with stylesheets applied.