Side note: Sadly (and much to my ongoing vexation) Firefox does not resolve external text entities, so the subdocs won’t render if its opened that way.  I don’t know why this still hasn’t been fixed.  Of course you could open a few of the subdocuments directly in FF, just to check if the character entities display… 




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Hi Bob,

Are you sure they validate, in general?  Have you tried validation through Saxon or an editor like oXygen?  Can you open the document in Firefox?


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Hello all,
In our EAD instance we have gaelic and other languages that require accented characters. At the moment when we enter these as entities and try to display them in IE, they fail to validate and thus do not display. This is a massive document with 20 dependent document entities. Do I need to change the <DOCTYPE> of the master document in some way - or modify my stylesheets, or modify the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> statement in one or all of the xml files?
Bob Walser
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