Hi Bob - you mean you can open a master document and have it resolve all the subdocuments to display the complete text correctly, in FireFox?  How'd you get that to work?  Would you be willing to share a sample document?

Also, do you mean Firefox doesn't apply your stylesheets at all, or that it errors on them?  I use FF all the time and have had no problem getting it to apply style sheets...


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On Nov 6, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Ethan Gruber wrote:

Hi Bob,

Are you sure they validate, in general?  Have you tried validation through Saxon or an editor like oXygen?  Can you open the document in Firefox?

One other note here: The documents display in Firefox, but it doesn't apply stylesheets. IE does apply the stylesheets which are named in the XML declaration for the master and each subdocument.

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