Hi Christine:

I know that University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has been developing a very
strong program in faculty and research in organization of information
topics--including cataloging / metadata,
A recent 2009 conference was held in Milwaukee on the Ethics of Information
which is in a recent issue of CCQ v. 47 no. 7 2009 which may be of further
interest in terms
of new research for cataloging/metadata
University of Washington program has faculty working in these areas, among
which is something to consider seriously about LIS PhDs in this area today
as it does not exist in many programs imho and experience previously.  You
will have to find senior faculty willing to work in cataloging/metadata
areas.  Personally, I am not looking outside of the US to complete my own
education.  Another factor will be costs --many programs do not want you to
work until later on in your program if you do work and go part time, it
takes forever,
and imho can also work "against" you.  If you are  doctoral student you
cannot teach as an adjunct in the same program either which is something to
also consider.
I've been teaching as an adjunct at Drexel for about 3 yrs now, and since
you are in the Princeton NJ area you have Drexel as an option nearby,
Rutgers, Maryland and Catholic are also accessible from there to explore.
 Options for teaching can also include face to face on campus classes at
Drexel for adjunct faculty as there is the demand for it--usually classes
are also offered on campus, while most of their students are online as far
as I know.
  Drexel also has faculty working in cataloging/metadata research but one
could not work / teach as an adjunct and be a doctoral student in the PhD
program there at the same time.
Many masters level students can work there and complete their programs this
way as at many other schools.   I've been looking at some newer programs
coming out and that have been out in terms of innovative programs --Syracuse
has a shorter timeline for a professional PhD and some excellent faculty
also on board to work with

Dominican University in Chicago area has recently started a new LIS PhD with
also some good faculty on board as well as many research
collections/resources in the area
you can read more about the new 2009 PhD cohort here and on the website

another fellow blogger in the blogosphere Michael Stephens Tame the Web
completed his doctorate at University of North Texas program
you might want to read more about the journey so far there.

I would advise you to look carefully--very carefully at each program.  What
is sometimes promoted is also not the reality once you are there as faculty
leave and new deans, administration simply want research only in certain
areas which trickles down after a certain point too to doctoral students
working with senior faculty/researchers.
If you can relocate, then that is also an option for other options.  UNC
 Illinois all have good programs & faculty in these areas.

Another avenue, depending on what one's ultimate goals & aspirations are is
to pursue a EdD
or a PhD in another related area.  Sorry this post is so long, I'm catching
up on some emails after the holidays, good luck and I hope you find options
that continue to work for you--
This year is the year of 'cataloging research' so that is hopefully a
positive sign  :-)

All the best Chris,
& good luck as you explore new possibilities ahead,

Karen Weaver, MLS, Adjunct Faculty Cataloging & Classification, The iSchool
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> Thank you for this information, Judy and Philip. I will take a close look
> at
> both the SJSU SLIS and School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt
> University programs. I have to say, since I'm turning 51 next month, 7
> years
> part-time sounds too long! I'd have to fast track it somehow.
> I guess the other option would be teaching cataloging and metadata as an
> adjunct which I suppose could be done with just the MLIS. I been writing
> the
> Cataloging Futures blog for almost three years which is educational (I
> hope), but would like the sharing, problem-solving, and interaction that
> would be part of teaching students.
> Chris
> Christine Schwartz
> Metadata Librarian
> Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
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> On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 5:03 AM, Hider, Philip <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > The School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University, Australia
> > also has one. It's been running for over a decade; we currently have 20
> or
> > so part-time online/distance PhD students. The part-time program is
> > generally completed in around five years, but rates of progress vary.
> Most
> > students attend at least two or three residential schools over their
> > candidature, but we're more flexible when it comes to offshore students
> > (through the use of videoconferencing technologies, etc.). We have, I
> guess,
> > medium strength in cataloging/metadata, with three faculty members
> > researching and supervising in the area.
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