The METS Editorial Board thanks those who commented on the most recent draft Profile Schema. We've made a few changes in response to them, but need just a bit more information from you, the METS community, on the best way to achieve some of Profile user requirements in the Schema. The METS Board is meeting on Friday November 13 following the DLF Fall Forum, at which time we hope to finalize the Profile 2.0 Schema for release. Please send comments to the METS list by Thursday November 12 for consideration.

Here are the changes we've made in this last revision, and the questions we have for the community:

    * Added the value ARC to the LOCTYPE attribute, to align the Profile Schema with the METS Schema

    * Made a change to allow more than one statement of context to appear for External Schemas. In doing this, we found an inconsistency in the old Schema - <context> in <external_schema> was defined as a string (making it hard to provide more than one context), but <context> in <controlled_vocabularies> was defined as a data type that brings in some xhtml elements, making it more documentation-like. The draft Profile Schema below moves <context> in <external_schema> to the more documentation-like model used in <controlled_vocabularies>, but we could also change both to be a string and make <context> repeatable. Do implementers have a preference?

    * Enhanced the new <tests> area within <structural_requirements> to allow for a wider variety of machine-readable test expressions. Formerly, this element allowed only a string (e.g., no child XML elements). The new version contains three options for presenting this data: <testString> (for an XPath expression or other simple string), <testXML> (for embedding full Schematron or other XML languages expressing test criteria), and <testBin> (for embedding binary data such as code in a scripting language). The latter two elements are modeled on the <xmlData> and <binData> elements in METS <mdWrap>. Do implementers believe this system is robust enough for their needs?

The updated draft Profile 2.0 Schema, a sample instance document, and Profile usage documentation are all available on the METS Wiki at <>. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Jenn Riley, for the METS Editorial Board

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