Hi, Martin,

This is very problematic, and I do NOT think baking is a good idea.

There is a CHANCE that month-long cold soak in a desiccated 
atmosphere (silica gel inside double freezer (or foil) Zip-Loc bags 
in the fridge (not freezer)).

It has worked for some 3M 176 that showed this symptom. It has also 
not worked for other tapes. Jim Wheeler gave me this technique. I 
don't know his source. I haven't used it much.

The other thing to try is VERY slow unwinding - 1.88 in/s or slower. 
Sometimes that alone helps.

The tape in the photo was baked based on a consensus of the people at 
the seminar (including the tape owner) because we didn't have time 
for cold soak and we wanted to see what would work (or not).

Since that article, I have had good results with 3M201 which had the 
same problem and the 1.88 in/s wind-through solved it.

Good luck!



At 12:34 PM 2009-12-15, Martin Fisher wrote:
>Got a polyester/plastic non-backcoated reel in which the binder is 
>stripping off onto the adjacent wind.  AKA "binder adhesion to back 
>of next layer" on Richard Hess' site.
>Might baking be a solution for this?

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