Hi, Shai,

Thanks for the kind words. Here is what I said in the ARSC Journal paper

>Silicones and siloxanes
>Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, also known as cyclomethicone and D5, 
>is a volatile siloxane
>that completely evaporates. [Personal communication with Benjamin 
>Falk, GE Research Chemist, 12 June 2006] It is widely used in 
>diverse applications including the cosmetic
>and personal care industries where it is used to add a slippery feel 
>to shampoos and creams.
>It is also starting to be used as a dry cleaning agent. Applying 
>this to a squealing cassette
>worked, but one Nakamichi Dragon stopped working for a while as the 
>material penetrated
>the mechanism. The D5 was over-applied. One attractive feature in 
>this regard is that the
>Dragon healed itself as the D5 evaporated completely over a few 
>days. It apparently leaves
>no residue and the evaporation time is, of course, related to the 
>amount used.
>While successful with cassettes when heavily applied, it has had 
>mixed results with
>both 3M 175 and Sony PR-150 in open-reel applications. In both 
>instances, the tapes do
>not play all the way through without returning to squealing. The 
>problem was made
>worse when the environment that the 3M 175 was being transferred in 
>became warmer
>with the advent of summer.
>Silicones that are not volatile seem to work better with 3M 175, but 
>application methods
>still need refinement. These lubricants seem to work best when 
>over-applied, but that increases
>the risk of higher wow and flutter. Perhaps if a fluid is to be 
>over-applied, the O'Connell alcohol
>technique may be a better choice as the alcohol is removed and 
>evaporates completely.

I believe that the GE number is SF12 and the CAS number is 541-02-6

Do a Google search for Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane and you'll find 
lots more including controversy about its safety, but the first link 
I get says it's safe

There could be some confusion as "D5" also may be used to refer to 
Panasonic's standard definition component digital video format that 
became a SMPTE standard, but, while an excellent format, was not 
widely adopted.



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>Richard great summery, you're top ace.  I can't find that chemical 
>you wrote down as lubricant (the stuff GE is pushing) Can you write it again?

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