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Corey Bailey
Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

At 04:31 AM 12/19/2009, you wrote:
>What are people with small studios (and budgets) doing if they want 
>to put a pair of PC's in another
>room? Is there a wireless KVM solution or must you be wired for good 
>reliability? Is there a
>networked (Ethernet) way to do it? Have they come up with a 
>generation of these devices that has low
>or no latency between mouse move and movement on screen? I last 
>looked at this maybe 5 years ago and
>didn't see any good solution for reasonable money.
>My setup -- two Dell PC's running Windows XP, an Apple Cinema 32" 
>monitor, generic Dell keyboard
>(USB) and Microsoft LED mouse (USB).
>My wish -- to move the computers themselves to another room but to 
>have the mouse, keyboard and
>monitor in the studio plus a USB/Firewire optical drive is that's 
>possible. The audio in and out of
>the computers is balanced-line so no problem to wire that to the 
>other room, too.
>As an alternative, I'd be OK having these across the studio room, 
>and could keep the optical drive
>with the computers, so it would be back to a traditional long-line KVM setup.
>Any advice/recommendations appreciated!
>-- Tom Fine