I have started a wire recorder users group on yahoo.  I have several 
things in mind.  We would like to reduce the cost of buying service, 
parts, owners manuals, etc, buy pdf'ing files and placing them on 
line for any one to down load.  We are also interested in rebuilding 
wire recorders, and learning aspects of moving wire recording audio, 
in high quality, to modern media.  We ask for no money.  We are a 
small group who are interested in electronics and the media.  You are 
welcome to list things you have for sale, but if all you are doing is 
selling stuff and not contributing, I will probably remove you.

To reduce SPAM, you need to subscribe to this users group.   You will 
need a free yahoo user ID and password to do this.  If you do not 
want to give you real name, you can use any name when you sign up for 
a free yahoo user ID and password.

You can sign up with yahoo here:

Looking in the upper right hand top corner, look for the text that 
says "Sign Up" and follow the prompts.  After you have logged into 
yahoo, you can go to our web page here:

And then subscribe.

Polite conversation only please.

jack honeycutt
Portland oregon