Hello, All!

Happy New Year!

I was helping my older son (the budding musician) with a school 
project and I tried to find a good timeline of audio recording media 
for CONSUMER DELIVERY and I realized that it is more difficult to 
create than it initially appears.

What I really would like to see are date ranges for
Development (which can involve limited commercialization)
Major Factor
Dominant Format
Decline of Format
Niche application of Format
End of Format

Not all formats would have all dates.

I see this ultimately as a coloured bar chart with hotter colours as 
it is used more.

I would like to address (at least) the following formats. I have 
Developed and Ended dates for all of them (any corrections would be 
appreciated). I use 2025 to mean "ongoing" as it makes the math 
easier and these will run off the right side of the chart.

Here is what I'm hoping for (and these are guesstimates). Note that 
all dates are not required for each format. See the LP for a 
completely filled sequence.

Should I start with sheet music? ? ?

Cylinder Developed 1877 Ended 1931
Acoustical 78s Developed 1897 Ended 1931
Electrical 78s Developed 1924 Ended 1962
**Long Play 33 Developed 1948 Major 1952 Dominant 1955 Decline 1980 
Niche 1990 Ended 2025
Single 45 Developed 1949 Ended 1990
2-track reel Developed 1953 Ended 1960
4-track cart Developed 1956 Ended 1965
4-track reel Developed 1958 Major 1963 Decline 1970 Ended 1980
cassette Developed 1963 Major 1970 Dominant 1978 Decline 1993 Niche 
2002 Ended 2008
8-track cart Developed 1965 Major 1968 Decline 1978 Ended 1988
CD Developed 1982 Major 1986 Dominant 1990 Decline 2006 Ended 2025
DCC Developed 1992 Ended 1996
MD Developed 1992 Major 1995 Decline 2000 Ended 2009
Digital Downloads Developed 1994 Major 1999 Dominant 2006 Ended 2025

Another way of showing this (and more difficult in Excel) would be to 
have the width of the line indicate the relative dominance of a 
format on a given date. I don't think we have enough data to do that 
for all of these.

Whatever dates any of you would like to modify or add, I would appreciate it.




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