Thanks, George.

Book ordered. It will be used as a sourcebook for generating my own 
diagram which for all the work I'm putting into it, I'll publish on 
my website. I also ordered "America on Record" by Andre Millard.



At 06:11 PM 2009-12-29, you wrote:
>From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad
>Hello All, Hello Richard,
>thanks for the new year's greetings and let me reciprocate and to All: I
>second that. To Stephen Barr special thanks, because he was the first (and
>for a long time the only) to distribute such wishes on the ARSCLIST.
>Richard, you wrote:
> > Hello, All!
> >
> > Happy New Year!
> >
> > I was helping my older son (the budding musician) with a school
> > project and I tried to find a good timeline of audio recording media
> > for CONSUMER DELIVERY and I realized that it is more difficult to
> > create than it initially appears.
> >
> > What I really would like to see are date ranges for
> > Development (which can involve limited commercialization)
> > Major Factor
> > Dominant Format
> > Decline of Format
> > Niche application of Format
> > End of Format
> >
> > Not all formats would have all dates.
> > ........................
>----- I have contributed a chapter to "The Cambridge Companion to Recorded
>Music" (Cambridge University Press 2009, (# ISBN-10: 0521684617;
># ISBN-13: 978-0521684613). Just out, Amazon sells it at USD 29.99. My
>chapter is called 'The development of recording technologies', and my whole-
>page Fig. 1 is precisely such a timeline or rather series of timelines. Alas,
>it is in black-and-white, but I am sure that it would gain by some colour.
>The information is my selection, the actual layout is my youngest son's
>copyright (and he made it scaleable for the publisher), and we have assigned
>our rights to Cambridge University Press. Probably "over there" a coloured
>photocopy inserted into a school project would be considered fair use, but
>who knows these days, so asking the rights holder is probably the safest.
>Kind regards,

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