From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello All, Hello Richard,

thanks for the new year's greetings and let me reciprocate and to All: I 
second that. To Stephen Barr special thanks, because he was the first (and 
for a long time the only) to distribute such wishes on the ARSCLIST.

Richard, you wrote:

> Hello, All!
> Happy New Year!
> I was helping my older son (the budding musician) with a school 
> project and I tried to find a good timeline of audio recording media 
> for CONSUMER DELIVERY and I realized that it is more difficult to 
> create than it initially appears.
> What I really would like to see are date ranges for
> Development (which can involve limited commercialization)
> Major Factor
> Dominant Format
> Decline of Format
> Niche application of Format
> End of Format
> Not all formats would have all dates.
> ........................

----- I have contributed a chapter to "The Cambridge Companion to Recorded 
Music" (Cambridge University Press 2009, (# ISBN-10: 0521684617;
# ISBN-13: 978-0521684613). Just out, Amazon sells it at USD 29.99. My 
chapter is called 'The development of recording technologies', and my whole-
page Fig. 1 is precisely such a timeline or rather series of timelines. Alas, 
it is in black-and-white, but I am sure that it would gain by some colour. 
The information is my selection, the actual layout is my youngest son's 
copyright (and he made it scaleable for the publisher), and we have assigned 
our rights to Cambridge University Press. Probably "over there" a coloured 
photocopy inserted into a school project would be considered fair use, but 
who knows these days, so asking the rights holder is probably the safest.

Kind regards,