On Friday, December 04, 2009 7:33 AM, Michael Biel wrote:

> I discuss in my Ph.D. dissertation "The Making and Use of Recordings 
> in Broadcasting Before 1936"

So cool!  Mike, would you be willing to scan and share (or even 
update and republish) your dissertation?

> ARSC-AAA published an extensive preservation manual about 20 years 
> ago, 

See and order a copy of 

    Pickett, A.G., and M.M. Lemcoe. Preservation and Storage of Sound 
    Recordings (74 pp., paper.) 1991 reprint of this standard-setting 
    Library of Congress booklet originally published in 1959.

There have been advances since 1959, of course, and different 
chemistry is available today, but Pickett and Lemcoe are still an 
excellent starting point.

> there are a number of web sites that have pages about the topic.  
> But there is a lot of mis-information floating around out there.

My webpage on the subject:

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