Thank you, Goran.  I had not heard of the term, son, for stamper.    I like
that one, but I don't know if the IASA had heard of that, either.  Here's
what they have on their page about masters:

" Master disc. A finished disc recording in edited or approved form from
which copies can be made in the recording producing process. It is used to
produce a reverse copy or metal matrix which has ridges instead of grooves
that is then used as a _stamper_ for producing copies in the single-step
process, or is used to produce a metal mother in the three-step process."

Also, thanks for the clarification, Tim W.  I had thought that by "two
examples," you meant that there were only two examples, not, "here are two
(of many) examples..."


On 12/11/09 6:16 PM, "Goran Finnberg" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Andrew Hamilton:
>> Ok, but what about the stampers, which
>> are neither mothers nor lacquers?
> Timothy Wisniewski:
>> 1 sound disc (metal mother)
>> 1 sound disc (lacquer)
>> 1 sound disc (metal stamper)
> The first thing after the Laquer is the metal Father.
> Then comes the metal Mother.
> And then we get the metal stampers or more aptly put the metal Sons.
> 1 sound disc (lacquer)
> 1 sound disc (metal Father)
> 1 sound disc (metal Mother)
> 1 sound disc (metal Son or stamper)
> The Laquer and the Mother can be audioned by an ordinary playback stylus.
> The Father and the Sons, ( pressing stampers ) are inverted and can only be
> played by a special stylus that looks like an inverted V.

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