Dear Corey,

Thanks for the response.

I'm saving to an external 1 terabyte hard drive which is backed up by a 
second one.

I ran across a listserv with some info that I used.  I reduced the global 
media cache (new in SF 10- not sure what it does yet) from 192 or something 
to zero.  I'm also "saving as" rather than "saving" and have had no problems 
with long files broken into 30-35 minute files- today.

There is a recent SF 10 manual published.  It's not on Amazon yet but I'm 
sending for one.

Steve Smolian

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> Hi Steve,
> This was probably the most important part of my recent post:
> <snip>
> "Make sure that:
> Your record drive is separate from your boot drive. Your record drive 
> should
> also be internal: IDE or SATA and preferably connected directly to the
> motherboard."
> Recording to your "C" drive (or boot drive)from a DAW is not recommended 
> on any
> platform because the OS has to read from & update the software from the 
> same
> drive it is recording to. The result can be lost data in the recording, 
> system
> crashes or worse, damage to your OS rendering everything unrecoverable.
> A word to the wise......
> Cheers!
> Corey Bailey
> Quoting Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]>:
>> Hello, Peter,
>> My Temporary files and record folder reads,
>> "C:\Documents and settings\owner\Local Settings\Applications Data".  If
>> there is anything past this, I can't get it to show it to me.  It shows 
>> 14.8
>> gigabytes "in selected folder" which should be sufficient.
>> I'm wring to drive G which is an external 1 terabyte drive, functioning
>> normally.  That's the one that's about 8% full.
>> My untutored guess is that some cache is not discharging, even when I
>> reboot.
>> Steve
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>> If you look at the path under "temporary files and record folder" on the
>> "general" tab inside of preferences, is the path pointing to the drive 
>> that
>> is 8% full?
>> Peter
>> >>> Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]> 11/30/09 5:49 PM >>>
>> I'm using SF 10.
>> It is now not saving a soundfile in 96/24 that is only 26:40 long.  This 
>> is
>> half of a longer file, copied to a new file.  It quit at 96% but says 
>> it's
>> still trying.  It's been saving 30-40 minute files with no problem.  The
>> drive to which it is saving is about 8% full.
>> What's going on?
>> Steve Smolian