What are people with small studios (and budgets) doing if they want to put a pair of PC's in another
room? Is there a wireless KVM solution or must you be wired for good reliability? Is there a
networked (Ethernet) way to do it? Have they come up with a generation of these devices that has low
or no latency between mouse move and movement on screen? I last looked at this maybe 5 years ago and
didn't see any good solution for reasonable money.

My setup -- two Dell PC's running Windows XP, an Apple Cinema 32" monitor, generic Dell keyboard
(USB) and Microsoft LED mouse (USB).

My wish -- to move the computers themselves to another room but to have the mouse, keyboard and
monitor in the studio plus a USB/Firewire optical drive is that's possible. The audio in and out of
the computers is balanced-line so no problem to wire that to the other room, too.

As an alternative, I'd be OK having these across the studio room, and could keep the optical drive
with the computers, so it would be back to a traditional long-line KVM setup.

Any advice/recommendations appreciated!

-- Tom Fine