Hi Mark:

Shoulda figured there was some Windows mischief afoot. Indeed, Windows had de-selected the M-Audio 
2496 card as the default audio playback device. So Foobar was getting mangled garbage via 
TotalRecorder software (the only way I know of to "record" (capture) audio off Flash and Real 
streams). Since it's not a studio computer, I didn't even think to check until your post got me 
poking around in the Windows settings.

Yep, Foobar works just fine.


And, Happy Merry to all ARSCList members. May your 2010 be healthy, happy and prosperous.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom,
> I'm wondering if your problem is a simple configuration thing with Foobar. I use Foobar here in 
> the studio to play back everything with the exception of DSD files.
> I'm wondering if your soundcard has an ASIO driver. If so, then there is an ASIO add on for Foobar 
> that will allow the application to control the sound card directly, bypassing the dreaded Windows 
> audio control panel.
> I have multichannel 88.2k, 96k and 192k files in my library in both Interleaved and Multi-Mono 
> source and the application even gets all the channels of the surround files in the right outputs.
> All the best,
> Mark Donahue
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