On this most festive date of the MMIX calender, it behooves me, as the CMFIC 
of Purity & Truth
Poster Works & Sign Manufactory as well as the Head Man & CMFIC of both 
Steven C and the Red
Rockets and Steven C. Barr and his Skae's Corners Melodians...and 
participant in a number of
E-mail lists of various convey my heartfelt wishes and desires 
that all parties
receiving this message through electronic mail (or other means) shall have a 
pleasant and
merry <parties may insert the winter solstice festivity/holiday of their own 
choice herein>!

Further, it is my most sincere hope and wish that any and all such parties 
shall enjoy a
most salubrious "New Year" (for those using the standard North American 
calendar), or,
failing that, the 372 days following the receipt of this communication!

Steven C. Barr
Oshawa (late Skae's Corners), Ontario (late Canada West),
The Dominion Of Canada

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