Hi Sammy:

This is an interesting device. The sound samples are impressive. So I assume one needs a very 
well-restored player to get speed consistency and mechanical reliability. Question -- have you 
noticed any ill effects on the cylinders from the stylii?

-- Tom Fine

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>I have been using the ACT II electronic reproducer for several years for
> this purpose.  It is excellent for its price range and with a change-out of
> the cartridge can be used for both 2- and 4-minute cylinders.  It's easy to
> use also.  It fits onto the phonograph where a normal acoustic reproducer
> fits, and then connects via RCA jacks to your recorder of choice.  Note that
> the signal must be amplified to line level before acceptable recording can
> be accomplished.  I use a microphone input on my mixer.
> Here's the link:
> Sammy Jones
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>> Hello,
>> Marc Hildebrant here. I am interested in learning methods to record
>> some Edison 2 and 4 minute cylinders onto my Computer. I have the
>> Diamond Cut version 7.0 software that I have used to record and clean-
>> up 78 RPM records.
>> I have an Edison Triumph record player that I have used to play the
>> records. I'm now looking to electrically play them back.
>> Any Suggestions ?
>> Regards,
>> Marc