Well, I haven't created it; Peter Liebert of did.  The
description of the device is at .

It's not really a homemade Archeophone.  It is only a modern electric
reproducer that fits onto most old phonographs where the acoustic reproducer
would.  The rest of the mechanics of the phonograph are left up to your
pre-existing machine.

But, yes, it does use a modern cartridge wired for vertical pickup that
tracks the cylinder in roughly the same place that the acoustic pickup
would.  There are RCA jacks on the top of the reproducer that plug into your
sound system.  As I stated earlier, I plug mine into a microphone input on
my mixer; then send the signal to my CD recorder or computer.

Sammy Jones

> Do we assume, then, that you have created a "home-made Archeophone,"
> by mounting a modern cartridge, wired for "vertical signal," so as to
> put
> the pick-up needle in the same position as the original Edison
> reprocucer's
> needle?!
> Steven C. Barr