Some time ago I was given a CAR Elcaset deck (of all things!) that  
had a dozen or so pre-recorded music tapes, middle of the road stuff  
such as Xavier Cugat and some "easy listening" music.

So pre-recorded Elcasets were indeed made and sold! It does belong in  
there somewhere.

I'm donating the car deck to a friend's home museum and have never  
tried to play them.

On Dec 31, 2009, at 11:08 AM, Shai Drori wrote:

> The micro cassette and mini cassette were not music media so I  
> wouldn't count them in. If you do then don't forget the steno  
> cassette as well and Sony's NT. As for the Elcaset, there were no  
> commercial tapes released as far as i know. The only pre-recorded  
> tape was the demo tape that Sony made, so again I think it should  
> not be on the time line. However, RCA's sound tape and Playtape  
> should be considered maybe. m2cw.
> Shai