Hmm, doesn't look dead to me! <>

Actually not a bad idea,though who wants only one artist on a card...

When I was a tenager lo so many years ago, a friend and I concieved  
of an idea like this - all the musci you could ever want on a tiny  
chip... but we did nto do what it took to implement it. Too bad!

On Dec 31, 2009, at 11:36 AM, Aaron Levinson wrote:

> Oh and I almost forgot those absurdly tiny "slot music" cards made  
> last year (by Sony maybe?) So miniaturized in fact that you needed  
> tweezers and a jeweler's loupe to find them. I saw one full page  
> announcing their ill-fated launch in the NYT and then poof,  
> relegated instantly to the enormous (and ever-expanding) dustbin of  
> moronic ideas.
> And people wonder why the recorded music business is in a death  
> spiral...