Hi All:

Still available:

1. Pickering V-15/AT-2 in an old Dual changer headshell, no stylus. $20. Stylus available from Kevin
at KAB for $13 and change:

This would be perfect for an in-store player or if you have an old changer. The cartridge will take 
a beating and as long as you keep a good needle in it, it won't ruin LPs.

 2. Audio-Technica AT-100E cartridge with original stylus (blue type) in original box. $25. Needle
Doctor and others sell replacement stylus.

This was my first "real" cartridge, with a Technics SL-D2. I still like the sound of tapes I made 
with it. The needle might still have a few sides left in it.

Please ping off-list if interested.

-- Tom Fine