HAH! I can count exactly one program we watch here at all - Mad Men -  
and where we live (a senior mobile park but a really nice one - cab;e  
is not an option; it is part of the rent like garbage and water. And  
since we get the show on Netflix, we don't even watch that! We got  
the free digital cable box and unplugged it ever since.

But driving home at night, nearly every house is blue, flickering  
blue inside. Can't beat the majority.

Happy New year everyone~


On Dec 31, 2009, at 3:10 PM, D. Blake Werts wrote:

> This reminds me of something a little off topic:  my wife and I  
> were discussing the pros and cons of the current Time Warner Cable  
> (TW) and FOX network scuffles going on...  I expressed that I  
> really wished that TW would just drop the FOX stuff since I'm  
> generally not interested.  And I mentioned that what I really look  
> forward to seeing was a model where we pick (and pay for) only the  
> "channels" that we would actually watch.
> We counted out loud together...  we came up with only 5 out of the  
> 110 or so channels that we're "paying for."
> ;-)