That 'bug' got me taken off the ARSCLIST for a few days....until ARSC  
reinstated me.
Don Chichester
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Thanks  David for the  information.


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It's  a feature, not a bug. 

Ok, it's a bug, and it always happens when a  message is posted. Just 
ignore it. 

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> Group...HELP! Each message I post causes this  one too. What is going > 
> Regards, 
> Marc  
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> Your message is being returned to you unprocessed  because it > appears 
to have 
> lready been distributed to the  ARSCLIST list. That is, a > message with 
> dentical text (but  possibly with different mail headers) has been > 
posted to 
> he list  recently, either by you or by someone else. If you have > reason 
> esend this message to the list (for instance because you have been  > 
notified of 
> hardware failure with loss of data), please alter  the text of the > 
message in 
> ome way and resend it to the list.  Note that altering the > "Subject:" 
line or 
> dding blank lines at  the top or bottom of the message is not > 
sufficient; you 
> hould  instead add a sentence or two at the top explaining > why you are 
>  esending the message, so that the other subscribers understand > why 
they  are 
> etting two copies of the same message. 
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> [ARSCLIST]  Thanks and How to make One ? 
> Date: 
> Sun, 27 Dec 2009  12:25:05 -0500 
> ammy, 
>  Well, I'll keep looking around. Maybe the best approach is to make > my  
> Is there any information available on the techniques people have  > used 
to record 
> rom the cylinders ? 
> Regards, 
>  arc