As MMIX wends its final way into the well-deserved oblivion of "last is my wont to wish, for all recipients of this dubious
literary effort, that MMX (one of THREE three-lettered Roman-numeral
years in this decade, and the last such until 2050/MML?!) brings you
a surfeit of joy, happiness and free beer...or whatever else you may

Should you be a fellow (or gal?) blues player, I wish you oodles of
well-paying gigs; should you be a fellow (or gal...there ARE a few!)
78ophile, I wish you success in your quest for shellaciana (possibly
a second copy of "Zulu's Ball"...?!)...and to my digital associates
involved in the preservation of vintage architecture here in Oshawa,
Ont'o., Canada...I hope for much success in our endeavours! To those
not listed above, I wish you success in whatever your endeavours may
be during the coming 365 days.

I shall now hoist my cold libation in what I assume to be your direction;

Steven C. Barr
(and Ecru the ecru cat...!)