Hi Folks,
This thread has moved well beyond yesterday’s replies but I wanted to answer two
of the posts:

Quoting Marie O'Connell <[log in to unmask]>:

> Corey, please tell me, what are the ingredients of the Last Factory stuff
> you use?  Do you know?

Hi Marie
I have no idea what’s in any of the LAST products. Obviously, for LAST Factory
to release their ingredients would be like a software company releasing its
source code. When I was considering trying out LAST products, I spent some time
on the phone with a gentleman named Walt Davies and asked all of the usual
questions I could think of. Mr. Davies assured me that their products were safe
and effective to the point that I decided to invest the $100.00 and try it.

Quoting Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]>:
> I'm concerned this discussion is omitting a very important point.
> Unless a tape is soaked in LAST before use or is unwound with a drip of LAST
> falling into the feed reel tape-unwinding crotch, the act of unwinding the 
> tape from its storage reel will allow a sticky piece of the tape to pull off
> and adhere to an adjacent layer. 

Hi Steven,
I’ve never used LAST tape lubricant for the purpose of treating Inter-Layer

As Richard Hess has pointed out, he has had different results than I have with
LAST products. I will describe the procedure I use in a separate post.


Corey Bailey 
Corey Bailey Audio Engineering