Quoting "Richard L. Hess" <[log in to unmask]>:
> As to The Last Factory tape products, I found I 
> had to use much more than recommended and with 
> cassettes and reels that were not back coated but 
> squealed, I got minimal results. 

Hi Richard,
I also found that I have to use much more than recommended in the white paper
provided by LAST.

Basically, I soak a Texwipe with the lubricant and apply it to the oxide while
rewinding or forwarding the tape VERY SLOWLY. By slowly I mean roughly 5Ė7 Ips.
While applying the lubricant, I use an eye dropper to keep the Texwipe wet. I
will stop as often as necessary to re-fold the Texwipe and wet it again. The
lubricant does evaporate from the oxide, however I have encountered no adverse
effects from the layers winding onto the reel before the lubricant has
evaporated completely. While I donít drench the tape, I do make sure that the
coverage is such that the oxide gets wet. Because Iím coming in direct contact
with the fluid, I wear rubber gloves for the application process.

Iíve also had excellent results using this procedure on 16mm & 35mm magnetic
film. The studio where I work does agree that the process is viable but is
reluctant to adopt it as standard due the cost of the lubricant so it is
reserved for the most problematic of media.
The Engineering Dept at this same studio, noting my results, has tried it on
some sticky Hi-8 video tape with mixed results.

LAST Factory claims that treating magnetic media with their lubricant will
increase shelf life. I have no evidence to support that claim.

Until Richardís post, I was unaware of Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane and somehow
missed it in all of his writings but I will look into it and compare notes if
I'm able to try it.


Corey Bailey
Corey Bailey Audio Engineering