Hi Steve
You need around 1 Gig Free space to record what you want
Make sure you have this space on the drive you are recording onto, and
you are not inadvertantly trying to record 4 channels at once as an
interleaved file (this would probably take you over the 2Gig wav file
I'm not a soundforge user, as you can probably guess, these are just
basic things to check 


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If you look at the path under "temporary files and record folder" on the
"general" tab inside of preferences, is the path pointing to the drive
that is 8% full?


>>> Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]> 11/30/09 5:49 PM >>>
I'm using SF 10.

It is now not saving a soundfile in 96/24 that is only 26:40 long.  This
is half of a longer file, copied to a new file.  It quit at 96% but says
it's still trying.  It's been saving 30-40 minute files with no problem.
The drive to which it is saving is about 8% full.

What's going on?

Steve Smolian

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