I have a later table model version from the 40s.


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] GE radio/phonograph/home recorder - early '30s
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Michael Biel wrote:
> Judging from the radio dial I have a feeling it is around 1934, but we can look it up.  I can't see the numbers on that part of the dial, but if the standard broadcast band stops at 1500 it is 34 or earlier.  If it goes to 1600 it is 34 or later.

Just got off-list info from Chris Hunter that indicates my guess was precisely correct.  They have two pictures of it dated August 2, 1934 probably just before they introduced it.  Looking at the manual he sent, the broadcast band tuning goes up to 1720 and the next band picks up at 1720.  So it would cover the whole band to 1600 and the police.  Looking at the drawing of the changer I see that I do recognize it, but it looked different "in person"!!  The RCA version was model 381, and it also had Westinghouse and Graybar versions.  And like I expected, it is two speed.

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