The pre-"Jazz Singer" Mischa Elman "Humoresque" was up on YouTube for ages,but I see Warner has pulled it.


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] The new Warner Archives 6-DVD set of Vitaphone Music Shorts - GET IT NOW!
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Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009, 8:03 AM


My copy came on Thursday and it made my week! There' over 11 hours (!) of  
great musical shorts on this SIX-DVD set. There are a few that have been  
previously released (like "Pie Pie Blackbird" and Sammy Davis Jr. in "Rufus  
Jones for President" but MOST of they haven't. They are not "restored" but  
still in great condition. And each one can be watched separately. Nearly all  
the first disc is the complete run of "Ramblin Down Radio Row" which has 
well  known folks like Arthur Tracy, Jones & Hare and Baby Rose Marie along 
with  overlooked but talented folks like Sylvia Foos. 
Warners is literally giving this away at $39.95! (That's under $7.00 per  
disc!). I still have a lot more to watch, and it came too late for me to 
cover  in my December column in In The Groove (it will be in January issue) but 
I  wanted to alert everyone that this is a MUST HAVE and should be # 1 on 
your  Holiday wish list! And if you have friends who love musicals from the 
20s and  30s, it makes a great gift. Warners has more of these in their vaults 
and if  this sells well they might do another multi-disc volume.  
If you happen to have the old "Dwn of Sound" laser disc set, don't worry.  
This is different and, while a few are on that set, most of these are NEW to 
 home video.). Also, unlike some other Warner sets, TCM is not airing  
So, pass up a dinner out, or a few movies in theaters and grab this set  
ASAP! It's THAT good! (and you can pick up another single title or two to get  
free shipping over $50.00. 
Here is the link: 
(,default,pd.html?cgid=ARCHIVE) Steve Ramm