Du bist richtig, Herr Doctor Striebel.  Und I found it, auch here:  (;

"Im wesentlichen beinhaltet der Herstellungsprozess folgende Schritte:
"Aufnahme und Abmischung (gehört aber nicht zum eigentlichen  
Schneiden der Lack- oder Kupferfolie (DMM-Verfahren)
Galvanisieren (3 Mal; Vater, Mutter und _Sohn_)
Schallplatten	pressen"

And the GoogleTranslate version (in English):

"The production of records, from the cutting process until the Boxing  
is explained in the following sections with the aid of sketches,  
pictures or text, is simple but nevertheless technically correct and  

" In essence, the manufacturing process involves the following steps:
Recording and mixing (but not part of the actual record manufacturing  
Cutting the paint or copper foil (DMM) procedure
Galvanizing (3 times, father, mother and _son_)
Vinyl pressing"


": Galvanizing
This is done in nickel sulfate baths where the lacquer to a negative  
(father ensteht). In the next step will be a further positive  
generated electrically from the father (mother). The mother is now  
used for a final plating step and it is once again a negative (_son_)  
from the plate that can be pressed. "


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