Thanks Mike,

    Found one a few years back.  Had to have it since
I can't listen to Jack on Sunday nights at 7 any more.

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording
Boerne, TX
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  Lou Houck wrote:
  > Back in my mis-spent youth, I did just such a thing!  An old mono
  > cartridge dragged on the record (Jack Benny / Dennis Day
  > Christmas LP) but the damage was done...messed up Jack's
  > opening remarks before I was able to stop the slaughter.
  > Rest of the record is OK.
  > Lou Houck

  In this case the damage was done to an extremely common record!!!  There 
  are ELEVEN copies of it on ebay right at this very moment.  Just do a 
  search for Dennis Day.  The ones with the red stripe at the bottom are 
  mono, the stereos have a white logo stripe at the top.  Several copies 
  are in a group of other LPs.  And now that I think of it, I have seen 
  styrene pressings of this, but some are vinyl. 

  Mike Biel  [log in to unmask] 


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