Please tell us more about the "grandfather clock" tape recovery machine.


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This reminds me of the "grandfather clock" thingamajig I saw at the
British library. It is a large board with rollers that the tape goes
through making a serpentine. The tape travels very slowly and can be
heated or chilled as needed. They made this for some agfa tapes that
stuck. I have never had a 3m 176 make trouble but this sounds like many
50's 60's tapes I transfered that were of American origin. One squealed
so bad we had to soak it with silicone. I am wondering it there is a
benefit to slow winding under a cold air blast, like an air conditioning
duct pointing at the transport. My a/c/ has a setting for drying the
air. Very cold air forced out and the rh drops very fast..

Richard L. Hess wrote:
> Hi, Martin,
> This is very problematic, and I do NOT think baking is a good idea.
> There is a CHANCE that month-long cold soak in a desiccated atmosphere

> (silica gel inside double freezer (or foil) Zip-Loc bags in the fridge

> (not freezer)).
> It has worked for some 3M 176 that showed this symptom. It has also 
> not worked for other tapes. Jim Wheeler gave me this technique. I 
> don't know his source. I haven't used it much.
> The other thing to try is VERY slow unwinding - 1.88 in/s or slower. 
> Sometimes that alone helps.
> The tape in the photo was baked based on a consensus of the people at 
> the seminar (including the tape owner) because we didn't have time for

> cold soak and we wanted to see what would work (or not).
> Since that article, I have had good results with 3M201 which had the 
> same problem and the 1.88 in/s wind-through solved it.
> Good luck!
> Cheers,
> Richard
> At 12:34 PM 2009-12-15, Martin Fisher wrote:
>> Got a polyester/plastic non-backcoated reel in which the binder is 
>> stripping off onto the adjacent wind.  AKA "binder adhesion to back 
>> of next layer" on Richard Hess' site.
>> xt-layer/
>> Might baking be a solution for this?
>> Martin
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