I had a hell of a time trying to answer a similar hard driv

I had a hell of a time trying to answer a similar hard drive question when setting up a Mac 10.5.5 with Protools LE 8 this past March... 

The external recording drive setup is something easy to overlook- even the 1000+ page PT manual scarcely offers a half page on the topic...  The unanimous response I received when diving deeper into this question, is that no matter the OS/audio program configuration one should not use an internal HD (someone at Digidesign reluctantly mentioned I might be able to partition my internal drive at my own risk).  Given the always increasing deals on external drives, I definitely sleep better with an external recording drive.  I haven't picked up a 2nd audio designated drive yet, but many folks have also mentioned that the optimal config includes one external drive for recording, and another for playback.  I'm by no means an expert on this rather gray area, just throwing in my 2 cents...

Jared Brennan

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I apologize. Nothing similar in Macintosh. The user know WHERE are his
files... Mac is build in for multimedia use.

Windows is opacity, problems, etc.

Persona opinion.

Best regards.


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>Hello, Peter,
>My Temporary files and record folder reads,
>"C:\Documents and settings\owner\Local Settings\Applications Data".  If
>there is anything past this, I can't get it to show it to me.  It shows 14.8
>gigabytes "in selected folder" which should be sufficient.
>I'm wring to drive G which is an external 1 terabyte drive, functioning
>normally.  That's the one that's about 8% full.
>My untutored guess is that some cache is not discharging, even when I
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>If you look at the path under "temporary files and record folder" on the
>"general" tab inside of preferences, is the path pointing to the drive that
>is 8% full?
>>>> Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]> 11/30/09 5:49 PM >>>
>I'm using SF 10.
>It is now not saving a soundfile in 96/24 that is only 26:40 long.  This is
>half of a longer file, copied to a new file.  It quit at 96% but says it's
>still trying.  It's been saving 30-40 minute files with no problem.  The
>drive to which it is saving is about 8% full.
>What's going on?
>Steve Smolian