I think you are right!
That was meant to read "5 to 7 Ips". There was 
originally a hyphen between the numbers that I 
suspect was stripped by the Listserv  because it 
is still there in the Word document I used to compose the message.

But hey, 57 Ips ain't so bad. You just have to 
carefully calculate the EQ time constants.



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>Subject: [ARSCLIST] Application method for LAST Tape Preservative
>Quoting "Richard L. Hess" : > As to The Last 
>Factory tape products, I found I > had to use 
>much more than recommended and with > cassettes 
>and reels that were not back coated but > 
>squealed, I got minimal results. Hi Richard,I 
>also found that I have to use much more than 
>recommended in the white paperprovided by 
>LAST.Basically, I soak a Texwipe with the 
>lubricant and apply it to the oxide 
>whilerewinding or forwarding the tape VERY 
>SLOWLY. By slowly I mean roughly 5≠7 Ips.While 
>applying the lubricant, I use an eye dropper to 
>keep the Texwipe wet. Iwill stop as often as 
>necessary to re-fold the Texwipe and wet it 
>again. Thelubricant does evaporate from the 
>oxide, however I have encountered no 
>adverseeffects from the layers winding onto the 
>reel before the lubricant hasevaporated 
>completely. While I donít drench the tape, I do 
>make sure that thecoverage is such that the 
>oxide gets wet. Because Iím coming in direct 
>contactwith the fluid, I wear rubber gloves for 
>the application process.Iíve also had excellent 
>results using this procedure on 16mm & 35mm 
>magneticfilm. The studio where I work does agree 
>that the process is viable but isreluctant to 
>adopt it as standard due the cost of the 
>lubricant so it isreserved for the most 
>problematic of media.The Engineering Dept at 
>this same studio, noting my results, has tried 
>it onsome sticky Hi-8 video tape with mixed 
>results.LAST Factory claims that treating 
>magnetic media with their lubricant willincrease 
>shelf life. I have no evidence to support that 
>claim.Until Richardís post, I was unaware of 
>Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane and somehowmissed 
>it in all of his writings but I will look into 
>it and compare notes ifI'm able to try 
>it.Cheers!Corey BaileyCorey Bailey Audio Engineering