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> This might be helpful. I found this a couple of years ago when
> I was searching for the date of the first 33 1/3 LP. It was in
> 1948, Yehudi Menuhin, Columbia Records #4001).

Not really helpful, because you got the wrong fiddle player, and anyway
it does not take into account that there were five "firsts" because
there were five series being issued at the same instant.  And even if
you want to pick the lowest number as being the first, this one isn't
it.  And you don't include the absolutely necessary prefix -- since
Columbia often reused numbers, their prefixes and suffixes cannot ever
be ignored.

ML-2001 (10") Beethoven Sym 8, Bruno Walter NY Phil
ML-4001 (12") Mendelssohn Vn Con 2 Nathan Milstein, Walter NY Phil-Sym
CL-6001 (10") The Voice of Frank Sinatra
JL-8001 (10") Nursery Songs  Gene Kelly
HL-9001 (10") Gene Autry's Western Classics Vol 1

There is one other factor.  These were not "the first 33 1/3 LP"
released to the public.  These were the first MICROGROOVE 33 1/3 LPs,
but in 1931 RCA Victor released the Program Transcription which was a
commercially sold series of 33 1/3 LPs.   

> The first 45 was in 1949 on RCA Victor, but the page doesn't
> state the A/B titles, artist or catalog number.

Here again there were seven series released simultaneously on Mar 31,
1949, so there were seven "firsts".  

I checked out this page you referenced, and there are oodles of very
stupid mistakes all over it.  I shudder to think that people actually
use this kind of stuff.  You shouldn't have.  That list also claimed
that ML-4001 was a 10-inch disc.  They got practically NOTHING right! I
would only use this list as a reference point to find further info on
anything it says. 

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