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> To CONSER/BIBCO operations representatives and PCC standing committees:
> Over the past few weeks, OCLC staff and other members of the Provider
> Neutral Task Group on e-Monograph records have discussed adding an option
> to PCC provider neutral guidelines at OCLC's request. The option allows
> use of a subfield within the 856 field to identify the provider to which a
> particular URI applies. The request was originally raised by providers
> OCLC is working with, such as HathiTrust, and is also driven by a need to
> label URIs in WorldCat Local displays. Various subfields of 856 were
> discussed (including $a, $n, $y, and $3), before finally settling upon $3
> as the best for this purpose.
> This option maintains a provider neutral base record for PCC, yet allows
> further identification of URIs that are already unique to specific
> providers in the 856 fields. It is expected that OCLC will be the primary
> user of this option, but it may be used by others following PCC provider
> neutral guidelines.
> The wording to be added to PCC provider neutral guidelines for
> e-monographs, e-serials, and e-integrating resources is:
> *** ***856 $3 may be used to specify the part of the described material to
> which the field applies, and/or the name of the provider or collection. In
> the latter case, prefer to use only when the domain name in the URI is not
> specific. Exception: In some instances, OCLC still needs to use the name
> of the provider or collection in the $3 to accommodate their internal
> manipulation and display needs, even when the domain name is
> clear. Placement of the $3 can be either before or after the $u , OCLC
> will always place the $3 before the $u. If found in existing records,
> please do not remove it.
> An example is from OCLC #471697923:
> 856 40$3 NetLibrary $u
> We would like to update provider-neutral documentation with this option as
> soon as possible. If you have comments on this please send them to me by
> Dec. 17th, 2009.
> Les Hawkins
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