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LC will not be ready to implement the BIBCO Standard Record guidelines
on January 4, 2010, when PCC participants will begin following those

A delayed implementation at LC is necessary so there will be time
    (1) to consider the following:
        a. the inclusion of additional elements in records created by
LC's cataloging staff (as proposed by Policy & Standards Division in
        b. the use of code "pcc" in the 042 field for "in process"
        c. the impact on vendor-provided records;
        d. whether Validator (an internal check application) checks are
        e. whether OCLC's algorithms to preserve series access points
when merged with LC's need to be adjusted;
        f. impact on non-Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access cataloging
operations at LC;

    (2) to make the appropriate changes to the following:
        a. Voyager templates;
        b. preprocessing software for vendor-provided records, if
        c. ECIP software;
        d. EPCN software;
        e. any additional software maintained by ABA's
automation specialist;
        f. documentation to reflect the change in practice (LCRI's have
been/are in the process of being adjusted to reflect the new PCC series
policy). There are also numerous DCMs that would need to be adjusted
(B13, B16, C1, D8, E1, E2, M7-- not an exhaustive list), and perhaps
workflow documentation as well.

CDS will issue a subscriber notice to announce that LC will begin coding
records PCC again. (These are usually 60 or 90 days ahead) 

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