Linda,  Further explanation of item 4, 4th bullet in the Deadlines and Guidelines document:

Our legacy stats system doesn't read the date.  It just reads the data for the full and core records.  Your report arrived during the reporting period for November, so the processing program will include it with all the other November reports in the pending folder.  

You could fill in the date box with your birthday, your favorite color, your cat's name.  If the character count fits, your record stats would be counted for the reporting period when the report arrives at LC.

All is well.  thanks for writing.  Carolyn

>>> "Blair, Linda" <[log in to unmask]> 12/4/2009 4:49:44 PM >>>
Oops! I just realized I sent my report with an incorrect date. I said it
was for Dec. when of course it was for Nov. Does that cause a problem?
What should I do to fix it?

Linda Blair
Eastman School of Music

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Subject: [BIBCO] BIBCO/CONSER stats deadline--Mon, Dec 7

BIBCO and CONSER Stats Reporters:

Please submit your reports by COB, December 7 to have them included in
the November stats run.  Your single report may include record
contributions for November and any other months not yet reported.

Deadlines and Guidelines for FY2010 appear at: